Story of Somali Migrant

Somalia didn’t have functional a government since 1991, so that there is no security for the civilians, and especially for small clans. That situation caused good chance for non-governmental groups (Mafia). Those groups have big money, strong army, new weapons, political interest, farms to produce drugs, and also they have connections with abroad countries, like Russia, Yemen, and all African countries.

I was born in Mogadishu in 1982. I finished high School studying there for 12 years. After that I entered college of Computer studies (1 year of studies), successfully passing exams on Information Technology I was hired to one Computer Company. I am married and have four children from 1 to 7years old.

Pirates took the half of my salary each time. If I did not give them money they said, they would kill my wife and children. My salary was $200. My wife became ill and we succeeded to run away from Mogadiscio to another place. It was only a 40 % safe place. When I left my country, my wife was pregnant with the fourth baby. Sometimes I communicate with my wife on the phone.

First, I went to Moscow. I stayed there two days. Then I had my way to Kyiv. There I met one Somali boy. We bought tickets and reached Uzhgorod by train. In Uzhgorod we asked a taxi driver to drive us to Hungary. The driver said that, it was already Hungary. But it was not true. We had to walk more than 1 day to reach Hungarian territory. I had $140 which Hungarian border guards took away. They made a protocol and gave me back only $100. Then we were detained there. The Hungarian border guards gave us a paper, they signed it, and then they were taken the fingerprints. After thatĀ  we were sent back to Ukrainian side.

Ukrainian border guards put us to Pavshyno. First, when the border guards catch migrants in the area of the border they try to take all the things these detainees have: money, mobiles, etc. after that they take to their post and bit everybody, sometimes even women. When we went to Pavshyno the soldier leader take us to a small office and ask to put off all the clothes for thorough check. There was no food, no heating, and no medical examination. Once I filled very bad and the soldiers called a doctor. The doctor asked me to pay $10 for the service. We filled in the application form on granting the refugee status. Some lawyers came to visit me and to have an interview with me. I was released from Pavshyno after 8 months. I have terrible memories about this period. It was very cold there, there was nothing to eat, and the water was absent. There were many insects there.

In Uzhgorod I did not have any problems with native citizens. If they understand me, they can help. The only problem is police: Meeting Somali people in the street, they ask for checking their documents and after that,they screw out money of us, if we do not wish to do this they frighten us to tear our documents after what we will be send again to Chop.

Now I am in Sweden already for six months waiting to get my official document. I visited language courses, passed exams and now I have a certificate asserting that I know the Swedish language. I had done all these steps in order to find job and get his family closer to him. But still I have not found any job.

I remember my wife and children every second; My big problem is, that my wife and my small children are still under the risk of fire, diseases and hunger.